LiveWell Lecture Series

Event Schedule.
The 5 Elements of HealthMay 5, 2019Plainsboro, NJ
MoveCompletedPlainsboro, NJ
FuelWatch VideoPlainsboro, NJ
RecoverWatch VideoPlainsboro, NJ
EndureWatch VideoPlainsboro, NJ
ConnectWatch VideoPlainsboro, NJ
Prevent InjuryMarch 11, 2018Crossfit Nassau
Eat, Sleep & Play
Your Way to Health
March 16, 2018Event Details
Move To Build
September 23, 2018Balanced Bodies, South Brunswick, NJ
5 Elements
Of Health
October 19th, 2018Plainsboro Senior Group

Why Participate?

  • Learn about important lifestyle changes
  • Champion Your Own Health
  • Great for Individual & Family

For more information or to register, contact Marc Rubenstein.

Space is limited so sign up early!
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