Steps To Success

Jersey LiveWell believes in the complex interaction between these five elements of health: Move, Fuel, Recover, Endure and Connect. By integrating these elements, we can help patients, communities and companies achieve optimal health.


5 Steps To Success

Step 1: Move
Learn how to incorporate movement into your daily life with exercise and daily activities. Stay active, walk, run, hike, bike and so many other options! What’s your proper dosage of movement?

Step 2: Fuel
It’s important to eat the right foods to stay healthy. Foods should fuel our body, can enhance performance and prevent disease.

Step 3: Recover
Getting the proper sleep to recharge your body is key to success. Learn different strategies to promote sleep health.

Step 4: Endure
The right frame of mind and focus can make a huge difference. Learn various ways to incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine.

Step 5: Connect
We have an innate desire to connect with others and surrounding ourselves with a good support system is one way to stay healthy, motivated and assist with recovery.

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